REALLY GOOD NEWS : Apart from at the Refuge de l’Aigle & le plan de l'Alp de Villar d'Arène, there is no network coverage on the entire mountain range, no WIFI, no 4G, no texts or calls for days... welcome to the real world !



The latest 1/25000 map which covers the whole mountain range. Available everywhere in Oisans !

TOPONEIGE Ecrins nord :

The ski touring bible of the massif. Descriptions and photos of dozens of itineraries.


Good to know in case you arrive late that you can find accommodation for the Tour de la Meije where you can set off on skis the following day.

In la Bérarde, ‘le Refuge du Chalet Alpin’ (ffcam ), 📞04 76 79 53 83


Accessible by car.  Located at the start of the trails, this CAF chalet welcomes tourers who want an early start the next day and is also a comfortable stop for those who’ve been trekking for days!

In Villar d’Arène, ‘le Pas de l’Ane’, 📞04 76 79 94 28


Accessible by car. Located at the start of the Tour de la Meije, this gîte offers all the comforts of valley accommodation and the opportunity to make an early start on the cross country tracks that run in front of it.


It isn’t possible to buy supplies at the far end of the valley, in la Berarde or Arsine (Villar d’Arène). The refuges can however supply picnics or provisions, remember to put in a request on arrival.


If you experience a technical problem with your equipment, there are several good shops in La Grave. If you are on the Vénéon side you will need to go back to Bourg d’Oisans, to the Bleach shop. If you’re on the Glacier Blanc side you will have to return to the village of Pelvoux.


For the Haute Route des Ecrins, information about the cable car: 🖱️here

guides de Haute- montagne:


Bulletin Météorologique: 🖱️Ici

Bulletin Nivologique: 🖱️Ici

Secours en montagne: 📞112

Le parc national des ecrins:

Vous évoluez au cœur du Parc National des Ecrins, en milieu préservé. Pensez que les chiens y sont strictement interdits (même en laisse ), ainsi que les feux. Respectez la faune et la flore, remportez vos détritus et préservez le calme et le silence qui habitent ces lieux.

Enfin, si le bivouac est autorisé, veillez à faire preuve de bon sens et de discrétion.


offices du tourisme:

🖱️Ot La Grave, 📞

🖱️Ot La Bérarde, 📞

🖱️Ot Monêtier les Bains, 📞

🖱️Ot Pelvoux, 📞


En bus:, 📞0820083838

En taxi: - Monêtier les bains, Taxi Eddy, 📞06 77 98 05 07

              - Pelvoux, Taxis Pelvoux Ecrins, 📞06 62 13 43 30